Strange Car Noises

October 18th, 2018 by

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When you hear your car grinding and squeaking during the daily commute, it can be a huge cause for alarm! But before you start to panic, it’s important to pay close attention to those strange car noises to diagnose the problem accurately. Is the sound coming from the engine or the rear of the car? Is it a high-pitched squeal or a low-pitched rumble? The better you can describe these sounds to an expert, the better off you’ll be. In this guide, we’ll detail some of the most common strange car noises that drivers report.

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Squeaking and Squealing

A high-pitched noise will cut through the road noise in an instant, so take note of exactly when you hear it.

  • Belts: Do you hear a squeal before you shut off the engine? This can be a sign of belt damage. If it continues after the engine is off, you might have a radiator pressure cap issue.
  • Hoses: Hear a whistling sound from under the hood? Your hoses might have a leak!
  • Weatherstripping: Is the whistling sound inside the cabin? The weatherstripping around the windows might need repairing.
  • Brakes: What if you hear a squeak when you hit the brakes? Your brake pads might be overly worn.
Engine belt on alternator

Knocking and Thumping

Lower-pitched sounds and rhythmic noises can be harder to hear, so you’ll have to listen closely to diagnose the problem.

  • Oil: A rhythmic ticking sound during idling indicates a problem with your oil level. If you hear a loud tapping or knocking, it might be an engine problem that needs immediate attention.
  • Misfires: An offbeat rhythm is often an engine misfire, possibly due to issues within the spark plugs or ignition system.
  • Suspension: Hear a thumping sound when you hit a speed bump? Your suspension system or shock absorbers might need some work.
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DuPage CDJR Takes Care of Your Car

Don’t let strange car noises ruin your driving experience! Head to DuPage CDJR in Glendale Heights, near St. Charles and Naperville, to solve your car woes once and for all. Whether you need a new auto part or a quick adjustment, our service department is happy to help. Contact us with any questions!