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A vehicle’s transmission fluid isn’t a simple maintenance matter like changing the air filter or the engine oil. The transmission fluid in a car or truck is generally designed to last for much longer. It should only need replacement at much higher mileage levels based on normal, long-term vehicle maintenance schedules. When serviced, the fluid can be either a full fluid replacement or flush, which pushes out the old with new fluid be leaves some remnant in the mix. Usually, a service check happens every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the vehicle type. However, there are signs that signal when it is definitely time to consider service.

Your Vehicle Tries to Communicate With You Regularly

Some of the more common problems seen in cars in Glendale Heights, IL include:

  • Weird or grinding sounds – If you hear grinding, thunking, or weird sounds from your transmission, it could be that your fluid level is running well under where it should be. All you have to do while the vehicle is parked and the engine is running is lift the hood and take a look at the fluid level. If the fluid level is high, but the sound continues, it’s likely that the fluid is contaminated with gunk and needs to be flushed. If it’s below level, that could be a leak, but even if not it’s a serious problem needing attention ASAP to save your transmission.
  • Difficulty shifting – Whether manual or automatic, your transmission fluid is designed to make it easy to shift gears. If your gear shifting feels like it is slipping and popping or its almost impossible in a manual situation, then there’s a good chance your fluid has a lot of gunk in it, causing obstacles that need to be cleared.
  • Surging – Grit and contaminants in the transmission fluid can also cause the vehicle to lurch forward or stall instead of accelerating smoothly.
  • Drive delay – If the car seems to go nowhere for a few seconds before moving, the fluid may not be allowing the gears to lock correctly into a drive position, essentially removing any power translation to your wheels.


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A Solid MOPAR Team is Ready to Fix Your Transmission

If the above problems or similar are happening with your car or truck, DuPage Dodge Chrysler Jeep & Ram and their certified technician team can help. They will examine the current fluid, diagnose the car’s drive function, and pin down exactly what’s going on with the transmission fluid issues if they apply. Even if you’re not sure when your last transmission service occurred, DuPage Dodge’s mechanic team can help out and get your vehicle running right again with a flush or fluid exchange. Call or email to schedule an appointment when convenient for you. DuPage Dodge serves folks from Wheaton, Elmhurst, Lombard, and Bloomingdale, IL surrounding areas. And remember, it’s never a problem to service your transmission a bit early, but it can be costly to be too late.


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