Premium vs. Regular Gasoline

February 13th, 2019 by

Hand holding gas pump


Have you ever found yourself standing at the pump in St. Charles wondering, “what’s the difference between premium and regular gasoline?” Besides a higher price, premium gas has a higher octane level than regular. Octane ratings relate to engine combustion, and the higher the level, the less likely combustion will occur outside of its regular standards. But does your vehicle need it? Unless recommended by the manufacturer, the answer is no.

What Happens if You Put Premium Gas in a Regular Car?

In a word? Nothing. There really is no benefit to using premium gas if your car is not designed for it. While it may seem like a higher-grade gasoline may result in better mileage or performance, the gas itself can’t increase the performance limits of your engine, so you’re better off using regular fuel.

What Happens if You Put Regular Gas in a Premium Car?

If you’re driving a higher performance vehicle in Naperville, using a lower-octane gasoline than what is recommended may result in performance changes. Owning a high-compression engine means your car is optimized for performance driving, and filling your car up with the wrong fuel means you won’t see your desired horsepower or fuel economy specs. While using regular gas won’t necessarily damage your vehicle, it won’t help you achieve your driving goals.

It’s also important to consider that any internal damage caused by using regular gas may not be covered by your warranty, so it’s crucial to check your fueling recommendations.

Fuel Efficiency Tips

While using a higher-octane gas may not provide benefits for routine driving, there may be exceptions. If you need to reach maximum towing capacity on a particularly hot day in Lombard, fueling up with premium could give you an extra boost. Or if you know you will be traveling off-road or over extreme terrain or conditions, premium gas may benefit your ride.

Regardless of which gasoline you use, being a fuel-efficient driver will help you protect your engine and get the most out of every mile. Being gentle with your acceleration and braking will maximize your fuel usage, while sticking to a regular maintenance schedule will keep your ride running efficiently for years to come. Visit the service team at DuPage Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM for all your maintenance needs!