Why is Oil Leaking from the Oil Filter?

November 5th, 2018 by

Oil Filter

Why is oil leaking from the oil filter? If you’re asking that question, here are the first three places to look:

  • Gasket and Seal
  • Plug and Cap
  • Oil Filter

Read on for a quick overview of what to expect from each potential culprit.

Gasket and Seal

Few engine parts meet each other seamlessly – that’s why seals and gaskets exist. They’re responsible for filling in spaces left by bumps, grooves, and flaws to create a leak-proof seal.

Since they’re on this list, you might have gathered that seals and gaskets sometimes break down and fail. Gaskets between the valve cover and oil pan are often to blame for oil leaks, as are the two seals located in front and behind the crankshaft. Seals are generally harder to fix since they’re commonly found behind pulleys and transmissions, so it’s best to visit your service center.

Plug and Cap

The plug and cap must be unfastened whenever you need to add or drain oil. If either one isn’t secured tightly enough when you’re done, oil can seep out. Even if you turn them tight, everyday wear can take its toll.

The cap is easier to check since it’s on top of the engine, usually with an oil can image on the face. The plug is found on the oil pan beneath your engine, making it hard to reach without a jack.

Oil Filter

Sometimes the oil filter itself is to blame. If it has been screwed on crooked or not fitted tightly enough, pressure from the engine could cause oil to leak out the top. You might also have fitted the wrong size oil filter or used a cheaper aftermarket part.

If you take a look at the oil filter and notice oil building up around the top, that’s probably the source of your leak.

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Let the DuPage CDJR Team Take Care of Everything

Whether a gasket is leaking between Glendale Heights and St. Charles or the plug is letting oil drip onto the roads of Naperville, the DuPage CDJR service team can help. Schedule servicing today, or feel free to contact us for further information.

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