How to Protect Your Vehicle from Road Salt

November 20th, 2018 by

Snow Melting Chemical and Snow Close Up

Our on the roads from Glendale Heights to Downers grove, damage from road salt may seem like an inevitable consequence of winter driving. However, when you take the right precautions, it can be easy to protect your car from the worst effects of the season.

Risks of Ignoring Road Salt

Many drivers can tell just by looking if a vehicle’s had extended contact with road salt, as visual markers like rust and paint damage are often far too obvious to ignore. Although car paint protection is one reason that you should clean off road salt when you find it, it’s certainly not the only one! Road salt can expose a vehicle’s metal body and components to rust, and if this rust isn’t dealt with quickly, it can lead to shakiness, poor handling, and a long-term loss of value.

Side of Vehicle Visible Rust on Paint


Precautions and Problem Areas

During the winter months, road salt is a more or less constant feature on the roads near St. Charles and Naperville. The risks of ignoring this presence are significant, but once you’ve learned how to protect your car from road salt, it’s relatively easy to take precautions. You can follow these steps at home to mitigate lasting damage from winter driving:

  • If your vehicle is brand new, apply a rust-proofer to its exterior. Rust-proofing a used or pre-owned vehicle won’t be as effective, because if dirt or rust particles get trapped beneath the protecting layer, they can still create damage.
  • No matter how old your vehicle is, waxing at least twice a year can create a barrier between your car and the elements. Even if you didn’t wax in the spring, it’s a good idea to do so before the first snow hits.
  • Wash your vehicle once every ten days if you often find yourself on roads covered with salt. In order to stop your locks from freezing shut, open and close your doors to clear out excess water after your wash.
  • Check your undercarriage regularly for signs of salt build-up or rust. This often over-looked area can take a heavy beating during the winter, so make sure it’s included in your car wash routine.
  • Take care to repair paint chips and scratches as soon as you notice them. Any exposed metal creates a place for rust to thrive and expand.

Winter Weather Bad Driving Conditions

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