Which Jeeps can Off-Road?

If you’re ready for an exciting adventure you won’t soon forget, a Jeep vehicle is the ideal automobile to take you there. Wondering which Jeeps can off-road? Fortunately, you have plenty of options at DuPage CDJR. Learn more about what to look for in your next Jeep, and stop by DuPage CDJR before you hit the trails.

What Jeeps can Off-Road Infographic

Off-Roading Dos and Don’ts

Once you have found the Jeep of your dreams, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go off-roading.


  • Go Off-Roading with a Buddy – Having someone to lend a hand if you need to make repairs to the vehicle, such as fixing a flat tire, is crucial. It’s even more important in an emergency situation.
  • Be Prepared – Know the terrain where you’re headed, and know where to avoid. See if you have cell phone reception in that area.
  • Take the Right Tools – Know what you will need for your trip. Water and a tow strap are essentials.


  • Don’t Just “Wing It” – You may need to get out of your vehicle to investigate the terrain along your path.
  • Don’t Forget to Inspect Your Vehicle – Check vital fluids as well as the condition of your Jeep.