Why Buy 2018 Jeep Cherokee l St Charles IL area

Why Buy 2018 Jeep Cherokee l St Charles IL area

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St Charles IL - 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Why Buy a 2018 Jeep Cherokee?

This sleek and stylish 2018 sports utility vehicle enjoys exceptionally accurate navigation, reasonable dimensions, superior force and outstanding control. You will fall deeply in love with this 2018 Jeep Cherokee. Remember, many four-wheel-drive versions are on the market and available for you to evaluate during a visit.

St Charles IL - 2018 Jeep Cherokee OVERVIEW

Why Buy a Cherokee: Exterior

At this time, the US manufacturer offers the newest generation of its mid-range sports utility vehicle. Undoubtedly, the popular design of the 2018 machine might not gratify absolutely everyone, however, this car is equipped with, at the very least, the value of demonstrating character. This neophyte is also instantly recognizable for his high-quality daytime lights and the car headlights are inbuilt inside the front cover. In advance of the sports utility vehicle craze, Jeep was already proving itself to be motivated to get into the sports utility vehicle market, ahead of the competition, when they released the first Cherokee in 1984. The design staff has also provided certain pleasant additions, along the lines of the trademark standard Jeep grille etched on the hooks in the trunk area and even a crease in the front part of the doorways that elicits the Wrangler’s style. The above-mentioned details are only a few of the many factors that should motivate you to come over to Dupage Jeep, serving St Charles Illinois and the St Charles area.

St Charles IL - 2018 Jeep Cherokee EXTERIOR

Why Buy a 2018 Jeep Cherokee: Interior

The 2018 Jeep cockpit is ingenious, with an extremely appropriate surface texture. The best components are the Trailhawk stitched suede seats, that provide outstanding lateral reinforcements. You will also be pleased with the GPS navigation software program that provides a disarming ease of use, together with the steering wheel control buttons whose control keys have power over the stereo situated at the backside of the car, and which are just below your fingertips. And you will be amazed to find out that these accessories come standard on each and every one of the different trim levels of this automobile. You will also really love the luggage compartment under the passenger car seat. That is because it is extremely accessible, nicely concealed and provides a decent volume.

St Charles IL - 2018 Jeep Cherokee INTERIOR

Mechanical / Powertrain

I’ve observed some well-organized nine-speed gearboxes, in the event that one was to drive a Mercedes for instance, and the Cherokee provides a gearbox that is definitely amongst the better choices when it comes to its functionality. You will value the energy of the motor, along with the off-roading competencies that will permit you to drive where you want when you want. And the automatic gearbox is engineered to provide all the power you need. We certainly therefore also have an effective powerplant, having said that the gearbox also performs well. This leads to an offset of mere moments in the course of an acceleration request before it would travel to a reduced gear which may obtain the required torsional power. This amazing tool, therefore, appears to be sure of the association it will take on. Additionally, you will not need to make a decision on it, as it happens to be the sole transmission, regardless of which version you decide on. On the other hand, individuals that are planning to take it easy with their left foot might miss an automatic transmission with the basic diesel, and are therefore advised to upgrade to a version with an automatic transmission. See it for yourself, get over to Dupage Jeep, serving St Charles Illinois and the St Charles area, and check it out.

St Charles IL - 2018 Jeep Cherokee MECHANICAL


A new device added to this model is a driver assistance program that provides on its own a reduction in the speed of the automobile for a car owner. Does this sound helpful to you? It will function with control over the pedal, a bit more every time. The very first time you stumble onto the car owner guidance system it may take some getting used to. The audio guidelines of various other automobiles are similar in that they are mainly meant to help and be agreeable. However, this system is much less invasive than some other ones. Not to mention it really is just the thing to go together with the amazing suspension of the automobile.

Model Information

This car possesses a rear differential lock in addition to an elevated ground clearance. A little evaluation on a four wheel drive track will also persuade you of the off-roading effectiveness of this model, which happens to be one of the most impressive in its marketplace for that specific functionality. Each and every one of the variations of this model can also be found in four-wheel drive, and the base diesel also happens to be on the market with a two-wheel drive version. On the other hand, the greatest and most exceptional model for off-roading is the Trailhawk. The manual transmission provides you with a fast and accurate regulation. The car is agile. It also provides guidance, is adequately immediate and the response in the steering wheel is fast acting.


This new and innovative car makes an impression with its comfort and ease of use, its very own unconventional style and design, its attractive automatic transmission and its outstanding crossover characteristics, especially for the Trailhawk variation. I am sure that if you visit Dupage Jeep, serving St Charles Illinois and the St Charles area, and test drive this car, you will adore it.