Test Drive 2018 Jeep Patriot in Glendale Heights IL

Test Drive 2018 Jeep Patriot in Glendale Heights IL

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Glendale Heights IL - 2017 Jeep Patriot

Vehicle Overview

The Jeep Patriot, promoted for quite some time as one of Jeep’s primary offerings, provides you with a significant number of things in common with the Jeep Compass, and this is especially true on the technical aspects. It bears a standardized version of an identical engine, a four-cylinder motor of 2.0 liters. For additional functionality, it is also possible to choose a model with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder. The 2018 Jeep Patriot makes it possible for a large number of car owners to cover the costs of a Jeep at a reasonable purchase price.

Glendale Heights IL - 2017 Jeep Patriot Overview

Exterior – Jeep Patriot Dealership Test Drives

With the intention to communicate with different clients, Jeep, therefore, chose to increase the household, with the inclusion of producing brand new designs, along with the lines of the Compass sports utility vehicle, anticipated to impress a substantially more metropolitan not to mention female client base. Jeep is no longer willing to be limited to turning out to be the brand of Wrangler along with the Cherokee / Grand Cherokee pair. In spite of this, the US-based commercial enterprise, besides, has considered enthusiasts of masculinity with the Patriot. The Patriot also retains almost all the rationales of the Compass. However, there is the exception that the Patriot provides a more Spartan style, and is, therefore, a great deal more consistent with the psyche of the shop. Include a trimmed form and you obtain the Patriot, an actual off-road vehicle ready to please Jeep’s traditional market share. We also come across the trademark features of the manufacturer in the form of the distinctive vertical grille and the car headlights that are all spherical.

Glendale Heights IL - 2017 Jeep Patriot Exterior

Interior – Schedule Your 2018 Jeep Patriot Test Drive

In the event that his appearance considerably contrasts with that of his twin, inside, on the other hand, it is identical. Also, the Patriot offers an outstanding peripheral perspective and a snug car seat. If we look at the dash panel, for example, we see that is comfortable as well as practical and uniquely polished. We also come across almost all the beneficial attributes observed on the Compass. Or, perhaps you just need the army of compact gizmos that mass in the cockpit ( surround sound speakers situated in the trunk area, cup holders, mobile phone cradle, mp3 music player, etc.) Jeep at the same time announced that the subsequent versions are likely to be the focus area of particular attention to detail. They are probably going to be of a higher standard like what is considered to be at present found on the restyled Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, for the present moment, the Patriot offers a surface finish that continues to be nicely in line with its competitors.

Glendale Heights IL - 2017 Jeep Patriot Interior

Mechanical / powertrain – Patriot Information

With the help of the same engineering foundation as compared to the Mitsubishi Outlander, the Jeep Patriot carries on in a great way with a good quality ability to grip the roadway, all things considered. At the same time, from the moment the highway is moist as well as slippery, the Patriot entirely on its own adjusts to four-wheel drive. The Jeep Patriot’s guidance also provides you with trustworthiness at high acceleration and speed, which makes it quite satisfying to steer. The Jeep Patriot is focused more than anything on an exciting client base, without making compromises on comfort and ease. On this subject and from this point of view, the US-based car manufacturing company seems to be in shape to offer its customers a brand new top of the range finished product.

Glendale Heights IL - 2017 Jeep Patriot Mechanical

Safety – Request a Personalized Jeep Test Drive

The Patriot’s off-roading pretensions tend to be more when compared with some of its rivals. And as a consequence, we can see that the Patriot provides a fundamental footing that, without human intervention, shifts to be four-wheel drive at any time there are the types of conditions that will require four-wheel drive. It is all owned and operated electronically, without the involvement of the car owner. Dependent upon the traction, the ECC provides the torsional power on the front tires and the back tires. This layout is designed to help build and maintain a high-quality footing in almost any state of affairs.

Therefore, this platform is the reason why Jeep implemented this new technology. They did it with the intention that it should start showing results alongside traditional safety systems and therefore the Patriot comes with a substantial number of electric powered safety measures and support systems ( traction control, ABS, etc.) But in the case this platform guarantees driving on the roads, it happens to be not necessarily making available the features of the many other different types of models of the brand name. However, you will appreciate this system as it will come into effect whenever you need it. The system monitors the performance of the vehicle and will go into effect at any specific acceleration and speed.


The previous factors listed are just a few of the key reasons for why potential customers are encouraged to be active and get in touch with the Dupage Jeep car dealership in Glendale Heights IL. You can contact Dupage Jeep in Glendale Heights IL utilizing a telephone call, or perhaps just visit the online site to plan a test drive, and thereby gain a greater understanding of this motor vehicle.

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