Test Drive 2018 Dodge Durango in Glendale Heights IL

Test Drive 2018 Dodge Durango in Glendale Heights IL

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Glendale Heights IL - 2018 Dodge Durango

Vehicle Overview

The 2018 Dodge Durango has maintained much of the basic design since 2011. The Durango underwent some structural changes in 2014. However, the 2018 model looks a little bit longer in the tooth. The most exciting thing about the 2018 model is that the manufacturers have added new attributes to make the SUV more appealing. They have come up with a new impressive SRT trim. With this trim, the Durango moves the Dodge model several notches high. The Durango has gone up to rival the likes of BMW X5 and Mercedes Benz AMG GL S63. While it offers almost all the perks of its competitors, the Dodge Durango comes at a much lower price.

Glendale Heights IL - 2018 Dodge Durango Overview


The exterior of the Durango is distinctive from the others. It has a more aggressive look achieved by employing rear fascia, a smaller mesh grille, and fender flares. The GT trim comes with a Blacktop or Brass Monkey appearance. It comprises of HID headlights that complement its mean looking design that’s perfect. The ‘beast’ can be found at our Dupage Durango showroom in Glendale Heights IL. Better yet, you can book a dealership test drive through our website or make a phone call.

Glendale Heights IL - 2018 Dodge Durango Exterior


A look in the interior of the vehicle unveils a class unlike any other in its category. All the 2018 models come with a sporty steering wheel with paddle shifters. The transmission updates involve a new gearshift lever designed to match the interior. Unlike its predecessors which boasted of a 5.0-inch infotainment display, the Dodge Durango adopts a 7.0-inch infotainment unit. On the other hand, there is an optional 8.4-inch infotainment unit that’s available upon request. Both the systems come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The SXT trims steering wheel is leather wrapped.

Comfort gets enhanced in the vehicle by adding power heating on the two front seats and the steering wheel. The driver seat is power adjustable. There is the option of having the second-row seats heated. Customers can enjoy music through the beats premium audio system. On the other hand, the rear seats come with an entertainment system. The Durango comes with keyless entry and two USB ports. You can control the environment in the vehicle through the three-zone climate control system.

Glendale Heights IL - 2018 Dodge Durango Interior

Beside other specifications, Costumers purchasing the class of SUVs in which the Dodge is part also insist on knowing the interior capacity. Well, the Dodge Durango comes with an internal cargo space of 17.2 cubic feet on the rear end. Behind the second row seats, it goes higher to 47.7 cubic feet. Finally, you get much more room with the second and third seats folded. As a result, the total maximum space hits 84.5 cubic feet. While the radio is a standard feature in all vehicles, the Durango comes with an HD radio that comprises of nine speakers.

Customers interested in viewing the vehicle can visit us at Dupage Durango in Glendale Heights IL. Better yet, they can contact us by phone or our website and book a test drive. At Dupage, we value our customers. We have come up with services of furnishing our customers with all the information required before making a purchase. As a result, they make informed decisions. Contact us and enjoy the thrill that comes with the Dodge Durango.

Glendale Heights IL - 2018 Dodge Durango Mechanical

Mechanical / Powertrain

The 2018 Dodge Durango (SRT) is different from all the models in its family. Perhaps, the best name to refer to the vehicle is ‘a beast.’ Under the hood that the manufacturers aggressively styled, it adopts the 6.4L Hemi V8 Dodge engine. The engine gets an additional and functional cold-air intake and heat extractors. In this vehicle, the engine gives an output of 475 hp and a torque of 470 lb-ft. The power gets transmitted through an eight-speed automatic transmission system controlled through paddle shifters. Additionally, it comprises a launch control system. An additional tweak on the exhaust system produces a spectacular sound exhibiting power and command. The design of the stock exhaust was achieved by tuning the system and employing 2.75-inch pipes coupled with resonators.

According to its manufacturer, the Durango SRT hits the 60mph mark within 4.4 seconds. Additionally, it covers a quarter mile at a duration of 12.9 seconds. As a result, the Durango becomes a top three in its class. With the power output, customers wonder about the handling of the vehicle. Well, Dodge has advanced most of its systems to achieve more comfortable handling. The Durango comes with Bilstein active dampers and stiffer springs. It also incorporates thicker antiroll bars and Brembo brakes with 6-piston calipers up front. It employs the use of the standard Pirelli Scorpion all-season tires. However, there is an optional upgrade to the stickier P-Zero season tires.

With the SRT Durango, you get to choose between seven driving modes (Valet, Eco, Track, Sport, Auto, Snow and Tow). The modes enable you to adjust the engine mapping, AWD system, and the response of the transmission at will and as desired.


The 2018 Dodge Durango employ the standard safety features. It received a four-star rating from NHTSA in the front crash test category. Beside the standard features, there is an option of including the forward collision warning, lane assist, blind spot technology, and rear-cross traffic alert.

While the Durango is available in Dupage Durango dealership stores in Glendale Heights IL, we receive a large number of customers test drive requests. As a result, we encourage customers to contact us through our website or make a phone call while placing a request. Requests done through these means receive higher priorities and are much faster. Remember, dealership test drives are by first come first served basis.