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Windshield Wiper Blades

If you’ve ever tried to dry very far in a sudden Midwest downpour, which is not unheard of in Wheaton or Bloomingdale, IL, you know the importance of wiper blades. The same can be said of a fierce snowstorm. Waiting until they are warped or nicked will mean you’re driving with most of the windshield left untouched. So you have to arch your neck to see out of the one clear spot or peer down, chin to the dashboard, as the heater blows furiously to clear or melt a small portion. If you’re prudent, you will pull over and wipe the glass, but you will replace your windshield wipers regularly if you’re wise. Even if the ones you’re replacing are still doing their job, it doesn’t pay to be penny-wise and pound-foolish, especially since wiper blades are perhaps your car’s least expensive component.

Other Problems that Can Plague Your Windshield Windshield Wipers

A Heavy Burden of Snow: Wet, dense fresh snow may look picturesque on the ground, but a heavy build-up of it on your windshield (and even worse, ice)can cause the wiper blades or arms to bend. Keep doing this storm after storm, and you can even damage the wiper blade motor. If you’re often guilty of this, mend your ways, and when you bring your vehicle to DuPage Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in Glendale Heights, ask the service manager about the best wiper blades for winter.

Broken Windshield Wiper Controls: You don’t use your windshield wipers even a fraction as much as your headlights and turn signals, but many vehicles use the same controls for all three. So if your windshield wipers suddenly stop working, try your blinkers and lights. And if they don’t work either, get to DuPage Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM as soon as you can, if not immediately. And please, do so during daylight hours.

Loose Pivot Nut: If one of your wipers works, but the other doesn’t move an inch, it may be that one of the pivot nuts that connect the wiper blade arm to the wiper transmission has worked its way loose. This is not as simple to fix as it may sound. It takes more than tightening the nut; you’ll have to have a certified technician repair it. But before you drive in from Lombard or Elmhurst, check to see if something is caught under or on top of the blade.

A Blown Fuse: Operating your windshield wipers under the heavy load of snow can easily overwhelm their motor. And this, in turn, can blow its fuse. If your windshield wipers refuse to budge when you turn them on, but the signals and headlights work, you may need one of our CDJR certified technicians to investigate.

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OEM Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Remember that the next time you need a windshield wiper blade replacement, you have a choice. You can pick up a pair at your local auto supply or big box store, or you can get the best wiper blades for your Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or Ram vehicle. We’re talking about Mopar wiper blades. And since even the best blades degrade and become less efficient over time, compliments of the sun’s UV rays, icy buildup on the windshield, hail, and other bad weather conditions, we recommend windshield wiper replacement every six months, or a year at most. And remember, at our state-of-the-art facility, we only use OEM parts for all your replacement needs.

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